Goal setting is something I am fairly new to if I’m honest. Having said that, I can already see the benefits for me both personally and career wise. 

We all know how effective writing your thoughts/goals/vision down on paper really is so I’m just going to give you a little step by step on how I go about this!

Firstly, I would write down absolutely everything that comes to mind on my vision board. Now when I say board it doesn’t have to be an actual board! You can do whatever works best for you but I just write my visions numbered 1 to whatever down on a lined sheet of paper.

Your vision can be as wild and crazy as you like but make sure they are specific! 

From that list then I would choose the things that are more in the short term. I would go with three top goals just to avoid getting overwhelmed.

When I have my three top goals I then put a date beside each one so I avoid procrastination. I will just say setting a deadline on your goals might not be for everyone, I just know for myself if I have a date I need to achieve something by I will strive for that. 

I will then set out an action plan on how I can achieve these goals. Break it right down into small manageable steps. As you cross off each small step you will see that you are getting closer to achieving your goal and this will motivate you even more. 

I truly believe that goal setting is so important for everyone. It gives you direction and clarity and most importantly gives you control over your future.

Let me know if you tried this goal setting exercise!

Ciara x 

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