Ok so, don’t get me wrong google calendar and the likes are great. Extremely handy and clever! I also LOVE technology. I’m definitely guilty of always having my iPhone in hand. 

However, for me personally, I like to have things written down in black and white. Do you ever pick up your phone to do something like check an email or whatever, the first thing you see is the Instagram icon and bam you’re scrolling for the next two hours and forgot what you intended to do in the first place. I’m not judging either because that is me all over!! 

I think we have so much technology these days that it is nice to bring things right back to the basics without any distractions. A half an hour of writing in my planner each day just gives me such a feeling of accomplishment! 

I also remember things better when I have written them down. I was always like this, even in school. When my teacher would hand out notes she had summarised herself I would have to re-write them again purely because my brain absorbed things better. 

Are you a paper/digital planner?

Let me know!

Ciara x

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