1: Get a planner (obviously!)

When it comes to staying organised I need to write everything out in my own handwriting. I’m a very visual person so I love a planner that caters for all my needs and looks the part!

2: Preparation is key! Honestly, running an empire of three little humans is no joke and requires a lot of planning, prepping and coordination. So, on a Sunday evening my meals are planned for the week ahead, & appointments/playdates and anything I need to get done are marked into my planner. 

3: Declutter! When I have a tidy house/ work area my mind is automatically more organised. I cannot stand stuff everywhere, which sometimes in a house with three kids is unavoidable. I try to keep on top of this every day!

These tips are ideal for you whether you’re at home with the kids, in school/college, or busy out with work! I guarantee they will save you time and money! 

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