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The Day by Day Planner

The Day by Day Planner is designed to motivate women to achieve all they need to achieve each day. Whether you are a busy stay at home mother, student, working in a corporate environment or you just need help juggling your career and home life, the Day by Day Planner is for you!

The Day by Day planner is laid out two days to a page and there is a reason for this. I wanted to create a planner that you can carry around with you in your handbag or on the go.

The Day by Day Planner

Welcome to Blue Thistle Designs

I am so excited to introduce you to Blue Thistle Designs. We are a brand new Irish Stationery Company on a mission to keep you organised and focused on your goals.

I wanted to design stationery that you would be proud to show off to your friends, but is also practical to use. Months of design work goes into all of our products to ensure they are just right!

We launched in late 2020 with just one product, the Day by Day Planner, which quickly became very popular. 

We are very excited for where 2021 will bring us. We have lots of fabulous products in the pipeline and we hope you will love them! 

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